Sunday, July 15, 2012

Smoothie Sunday - Colourful Smoothie Challenge Week 2

It was my first week back at work.  I miss vacation already.  Especially since work was combined with HRH's soccer camp, trying to ready the house for my mom (who came into town on Saturday), and trying to unpack completely from San Diego (still a slow process).
But I did at least get my smoothies taken care of.

Some winners:

  • Charissa's carrot cake "shake," although I'm not sure I'm a fan of protein powders yet.
  • Straw-nana (I had it Sunday AND Monday)
  • Tropic Thunder from 24 Carrots Juice Cafe here in Chandler.  

And a Not Ever Going to Be a Winner - the green smoothie up there (bottom right) that utilized some coconut water that HRH didn't like (failed attempt at a homemade "Gatorade") - everything was chilled, but I didn't use anything frozen, and it tasted warm.  Considering I took it to soccer... ewwwwww.

Note to self - always include Something Frozen.

My go-to, in case you were curious, is frozen berries (any assortment), a half a frozen banana or frozen avocado (more than half a banana makes anything too banana-y - ewwwww), some water, some flax seed, and kale.  I'll add some sweetener if I feel it needs it in the form of maple syrup, honey, or agave.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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