Saturday, August 11, 2012

Operation: Eat it or Starve - How Do You Know You Don't Like It if You Won't Try It?

Did you hear that?
It was the sound of me turning into "that mom."  The mom who nags the kid to eat.
Yep, that's me.
Good thing I have a pair of mom shorts I can put on so I really look the part.

HRH has worked tirelessly to reject anything that isn't a strawberry, apple, or highly processed carb.  In the last week, she even decided that she doesn't like cheese anymore, which is disconcerting to me; since she doesn't eat any meat other than bacon and the occasional chicken nugget, I do want to make sure that she is getting the protein she needs.
But she's been a huge proponent of Drink All the Milk of late, and she conned her daddy into buying her orange juice, which she is drinking, and bananas, which she isn't eating.  Oh, and she also asked for peaches and green apples, which were purchased in the Not Organic Section.  Then she told us she doesn't like peaches.
Even my attempt to make a The Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed dinner fell flat.  The plum was also disconcerting to our fair princess.

It was at this meal that HRH informed me
that she no longer eats cheese.
Zooey was only too happy to help out with that.
So, clearly, we are taking the "starve" route of late.

Today, especially, was tough.  Having left early in the morning for a run and hike, I have no idea what she had for breakfast or even if she had it (The Husband is NOT a morning person and barely managed a grumble when I said goodbye, so I'm uncertain as to whether or not he was mentally capable of making a meal in such a state).

For lunch she was presented with a first course (we've been doing courses so that she can't fill up on strawberries and ignore spaghetti) of fruit salad: apple, peach, cherry, honeydew, and watermelon.
To her credit, she put a piece of honeydew in her mouth.
And then spit it out with such to do that Gloria Swanson's heart would swell with pride.
No further courses were offered.

At dinner, I made her this lovely plate:

Carrot and cucumber butterflies
fluttering around a berry flower - yum!
Yes, I even gave HRH *A* strawberry in the "salad" course.
And she didn't even eat that.  Apparently the cucumber traumatized her so much that she couldn't bring herself to eat anything.
So I ate the strawberry and blueberries but left the veggies, which are really what I'm trying to focus on this week with HRH's meals.
A little later, the carrots were eaten, but still, the cucumbers continued to traumatize left and right.

So, tonight, HRH really is going to bed hungry - very little lunch (as in none), an unsanctioned glass of milk while I ran to the grocery store, and a few carrot sticks are all that she's had since this morning.

Maybe tomorrow morning I can get her to eat something.

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