Monday, March 25, 2013


Paroneal tendinitis is the medical term for "my arch really f***ing hurts whenever I take a step!"
It sucks, and after almost a week of not being able to run, I'm getting grouchy about it.
In my more compassionate moments, I smack Angry Allison and remind her that in this last week, while I was kvetching about having to wear a brace, one woman I know lost her beloved dog (a beautiful coonhound) suddenly, and two people in my local colon cancer community lost their battle with that horrible disease.  So a lame foot for (hopefully) a few weeks really is nothing, so STFU, right?
But still, I'm disappointed.
I'm disappointed that I can't take some time out of the house (more important of late, since I work from home and spend way too much time here, honestly) just for myself.
I'm disappointed that I just got my shins healthy and then met this.
I'm disappointed that I had to defer my registration for my first trail race, which was scheduled for this weekend.
I'm disappointed that this is another way that my plan to achieve more miles this year is getting sidelined.
I'm disappointed that even though I started running to help others, I can't seem to help myself heal.
I'm just disappointed.

I have my fingers crossed that rest and a super sexy food brace will be all I need, and in lieu of running the trail race this weekend, I have signed up to be a volunteer.
I have a follow-up appointment in ten days, and if I don't go stark raving mad between now and then, I'll see you on the road and the trails very soon.

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