Sunday, May 29, 2011

Best BLT Ever

My favorite sandwich has to be the bacon-lettuce-tomato.  It's true that the salty bacon and sweet acidity of the tomato work so well together.
I am often disappointed by BLTs in restaurants - the bacon is rubbery, the lettuce wilted, or the bread soggy.  But at home, I can make everything to my specifications.

Best BLT Ever

  • Two slices (per person) of whole wheat bread made with my friend Christie's recipe
  • As many rashers of bacon from The Pork Shop that you think you can fit in your mouth
  • Thickly sliced heirloom tomato (from my mother-in-law's garden)
  • Green leaf lettuce from our CSA
  • Homemade aïoli

The bread must be toasted completely (Scott always says that he likes his toast toasty - it needs to be crispy and crunchy all the way through), and the bacon needs to be as crisp as possible.  The lettuce needs to be washed and then thoroughly dried.
I hate mayonnaise.  It's gross - literally gives me the dry heaves.  But thanks to a Facebook post from Hounds in the Kitchen, I mustered up the courage to try a recipe from my favorite, David Lebovitz.  Now I understand why the French dunk their Pommes Frites in the stuff.
We didn't have any Pommes Frites, but we had a few CSA carrots and some crackers with herb cream cheese on the side, and it was a great lunch for a great day.

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