Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Kitchen, Many Hearts - Tricks, Treats, and Thanks

I have found myself getting more and more excited each time we have one of our OKMH gift exchanges.  Not for the package that comes to my door (although that is darn exciting - way more exciting than the bills and election flyers I usually get), but to see what everyone else sent everyone else.  While we are scattered across the map, it's like we live just down the street from one another.
Which would be the awesomest block on the planet were it to actually happen.

Clockwise, from top left:
Mads, Kirsten, Megan, Kat, Moi, Jeanne

This month, we came full circle; I received my first OKMH package from Mads back in February, and it was finally my turn to send some goodies to her.  I had a lot of fun putting her package together, so make sure that she's your first stop on the train today.
And since Jeanne was the first lucky lady to get my gifties, her package was the one that I received this month.
For the record, Jeanne gets the award for the most beautifully packed boxes and probably some of the most hilarious handmade cards EVER.

My personal favorite is the grammar one - top left.
And while I could have laughed at the cards all day (I still am, actually), I was just touched at Jeanne's thoughtfulness with her selections.

Something for HRH (which didn't leave her side for a week and even made the trek to school for Friday Show and Tell).

Her name is Samantha.
Although for about 48 hours she was called "Pony Grap."
That's a "g" there.  In case you did a double take.
Something for TH - with an accompanying rude joke about smoking meat (I wouldn't have it any other way).

And some goodies for all of us to share.  OK, just TH and me to share.

"SOUP. There it is."
Hilarious, Jeanne.  I actually cried I was laughing so hard.
I can't wait to make this!!!!!

Because broken syrup IS unacceptable.
Got this one past you, USPS.

Who you calling fat and juicy?
Good news: we love bloody Marys.
Bad news: I used all the vodka to make my extracts.

Also in the package: one bandana (soon to be Zooey's new party clothes) and some farro, which I cannot wait to put into a soup.  Maybe some hot cereal for those mornings after a run now that the weather is (finally) cooling off.

Jeanne, you rock; thank you for all the great goods - we all appreciate them!  All of these wonderful women rock, and in this week when only a horrible hurricane can stop (some of) the hateful campaigning, it warms my heart that we can do something nice for someone else for the fun of it - because we can.
(And speaking of "because we can," click here to watch the video reveal of how much was raised at the Bake Sale for Beka over two days - I laughed, I cried, and I drooled over the cookies I didn't win, but I love that so many people are so generous for great causes - thanks to all those good people who bid; congratulations to all the winners!)

  • Now, I sent a gift package to Mads.
  • Mads sent her box to Kirsten.
  • Kirsten sent her gift along to Megan.
  • Megan (who must be exhausted after that two day auction!) shuttled her goods off to Kat.
  • Kat, to make the circle complete, sent her bundle down to Jeanne

Now, we have had SO much fun, we're continuing this.  Hopefully you've been inspired to grab a bunch of wonderful items and ship them off to a friend across the country - just for fun!  Go ahead - practice some random acts of OKMH!


  1. That the glass items in that box all made it intact is just a USPS miracle. Seriously! I'm so happy you loved all the things. HRH taking her new doll to show & tell melted my heart. So touched! Now if you just said she ate & enjoyed the bean soup, this OKMH experience would be a homerun. (I know, I know... that's WAY too much to ask.)

    1. It really is too much to even dream - she recoiled in horror when I suggested it. I mean, really - BEANS? C'mon, there's chocolate in that fridge!
      But Samantha-Pony Grap-Samantha has been a hit - she's a good snuggler.

  2. Practice random acts of OKMH!! We have a new slogan!! I just love you girls. OKMH, Cookies for Kids Cancer, Bake Sale for Beka...y'all ROCK!

    1. We'll have bumper stickers made to help finance our Compound projects.

  3. I'm just glad I finally know who Pony Grap is now. :) I also LOLed at Zooey's newest party clothes.

    Also: Will officially be adopting Random Acts of OKMH.

    1. Breaking News - Zooey is NOT a fan of party clothes. She looks embarrassed. This will clearly happen at parties.

  4. This looks like so much fun! I definitely want in on this the next time it happens!

    1. It really is fun - it's like Christmas/birthday had a baby with pen pals to have something lovely. A better bunch of girls I can't have imagined. Haley - you need to round up your own gals and start practicing your own OKMH!!!!!