Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stuff It

OK, I've been blogging for quite some time about life as a new momma (well, after almost two years, it's not that new anymore, but each day is a new experience still).
Yet, there is more to life than being a momma, so the time has come... I've started my second blog, another online, oh-so-public diary, this time about all various and sundry items that I stuff in my face and the reasons behind said stuffing (some noble, others... not so much).
I fully admit that I have willfully stolen the title for this blog from one of my husband's favorite things to say when we, on the rare occasion, go out for a truly fine dining experience. Whenever asked how the meal was, he always responds that, "we dined like decadent Philistines."
But then again, why can't we always dine so grandly? Since joining our CSA and receiving veggies I would perhaps never have given a second glance (had some of them even been allowed to take up space from the ever-present apples and broccoli) at the grocery store, our family has been pushed to find new and interesting recipes to make at home.
I think it's important that I make a point of stating that I am NOT that type of blogger who posts her own recipes. When I do try to make something up, I don't, um... pay that much attention to how much of something I toss in, preferring the "that seems about right" method (and I know too many people for whom this works perfectly to stop). I am more than happy to steal and then tweak those recipes that I find throughout the internet to suit my purposes. I will gladly share those links here as well as what I have done to make that recipe, in my humble opinion, better.
Additionally, it might be only proper to set forth my objectives for creating this blog:
  • I am more than a momma, and while it consumes me (and I am consumed only too willingly), I need to remind myself of this multi-faceted aspect of myself.
  • Every nutritionist, dietician, and doctor will tell you that the more a person logs what she eats, the more honest she will be, and the more in tune she will be with regard to what goes into her mouth. And since I am all for stuffing my face, I think it's a capital idea to make as public as possible what that maw accepts as food.
  • As I stated earlier, our family recently joined a CSA. As I work to change our dining habits (better food but less of it - think of Michael Pollan's rules in his In Defense of Food), it might be fun to have the honest opinions and (hopefully) support of my friends, family, and total strangers who might happen to stumble across this modest offering.
Thus begins our little journey.

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