About Allison

Me with my BH, Scott
I'm a wife, a mom, a daughter, a teacher, an animal lover, a hiker a runner, a knitter, a Sun Devil, an advocate for colon cancer awareness and blood donation, and a wannabe neatnik slob.

I find kneading bread by hand to be almost cathartic.

I am terrified to trim my daughter's fingernails.

I get nauseous when I come across ginger.

I listen to NPR.

The best pizza I have ever had is the Gay 90's Special at Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor in Olympia, Washington (my hometown).  It's the cashews.  Don't judge until you've tried it.

Zooey the Devil Dog
I am the annoying person who likes to correct other people's spelling and grammar, and when I find them in my own writing, I have to fix them immediately or lose sleep.

I don't like rosemary, basil, anise, or rye.

I am convinced that at least 10 of the 11 secret herbs and spices at KFC are salt.

I really really really like puns and shaggy dog stories.

I use a Mac.

My marmalade cat Holden was the first Christmas present my husband ever got me.  No, he wasn't in a box like Lady and the Tramp.  He was a shelter cat - the most loving of all cat breeds, you know.

Zooey, my dog, is a black and tan coonhound; if you don't know anything about these dogs, learn something.  They are awesome animals, despite the stress she causes me when she escapes from our yard.

Holden the old man
I think a beer pairing can be just as delicious as a wine pairing.

I would prefer to corn my own beef.

Monkeys are gross.

I get a little snippy with the Arizona markets when they tell me that they have "krab" and behave like it's an acceptable substitute when I am asking for CRAB.

Bacon and maple.  No explanation necessary.

I love Brussels sprouts.

I can't moderate my intake of soda, especially Dr. Pepper®, so I have worked to part ways.  It's a crutch, though, and I've fallen off the wagon a fair few times.  Usually I remember why I wanted to end our relationship, but sometimes it's the best thing ever.

Both my husband and I are proud lefties.

I like to theme and/or name things.  My pets both have names from works by the late J.D. Salinger; I christened my Cuisinart® Julia, and my Kitchenaid® is named Watson.

There are certain food items on which I refuse to compromise taste for health.  Macaroni and cheese should have copious amounts of butter, sharp cheddar, and sour cream (as well as crushed potato chips for the topping) - no no-fat, low-calorie, non-dairy crap.  There is a time and a place for everything, and sometimes, it's OK to splurge.

I try to buy local, have been part of a CSA, and would love to eat more meatless meals.  But I haven't gone vegetarian.  Noble though it is to be less cruel and more sustainable,  I selfishly admit that I love bacon, ribs, and pastrami far too much at this point in my life.  What I do try to do is eat less meat and when I do, I try to ensure that it's as humane as possible.

You can contact me by email at [decadentphilistines][@][gmail.com].