Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blueberry Blues

Our poor crisper bins.  After a week-long absence, which meant no veggies being picked up, they were nearly bare; only a few beets and turnips, as well as a (store-bought - shhhhhh!  Don't tell!) onion remained.
Thus, I had to figure out something to make with them for dinner.  I had also thawed the salmon I bought earlier in the week, and I really wanted to do something with a few of the blueberries I had picked up at Sprouts.
Thus, we had a roasted root veggie and onion salad (room temp - not sure if that qualifies as warm or cold) as a bedding for salmon baked in foil and a blueberry vinaigrette.

I'm glad I didn't put the dressing on the salmon;
the flavors didn't go that well together.
The end result was pretty, but it lacked a little of what I was expecting.  I'm not really sure how to articulate what I was expecting; I guess I thought the flavors would meld a little more than they did.  I might do the root veggies and salmon together again; just not sure what that "other" element to tie everything together will be.  Except it won't be blueberries.
The good news is that since I had no shallots for the vinaigrette and had already used up the rest of that half onion in the root veggies, I got to go outside and pluck (what a great word, hey?) one of my red onions out of the ground.  That particular onion had decided to burrow itself OUT of the ground, so it had been taunting me since my return from Michigan.
Isn't it cute?

The fresher the onion, the more
pungent it is - yum!

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