Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Meal Planning - Being Flexible

The Husband told me yesterday that he'd be late most of this week, and the one evening that I know he WILL be early is so that I can leave to go to a meeting.  Thus, this week's theme is Flexibility.
Not the kind you get from yoga, although I'm trying to get more of that in, too.
Since who knows if we will get a family meal in before Friday (The Husband has Fridays off, and I am taking the day off this week), the Monday Meal Plan, which has been conspicuously absent these last few weeks, is more like a "wish list" than an actual plan.  I found some recipes that I'd like to try to make with the ingredients I have on hand and what came in our CSA share this week, but if I have to wait until this Friday to get in a few of them, I'm cool with a few more salads this week.

  • Beet-chickpea hummus with pita, dolmas (because I'm obsessed lately), and spinach "patties" that I found on a Greek recipes website - I saw beet hummus on the menu at a local restaurant and juice bar, and it sounded divine, so when we got a handful of little beets this week, I knew It Was Time.
  • Crudite plate with bagna cauda, crusty bread, and wine - this isn't really a meal as much as it is a snack, but I haven't had a good glass of wine in ages, so again, It's Time.
  • Soft tacos with peanut-crusted tofu and purple cabbage - I've seen quite a few recipes with this combo, and I thought I might be able to add in some of the hemp seeds my mother-in-law snagged for us at a recent food thing (I'm not actually sure what the "thing" was, to be honest with you, but the seeds were nice and crunchy on salad last night, so using them in a crust might be fun).
  • Grilled shrimp with something else tasty - I know - totally vague, right?  But The Husband is enjoying his new grill, and so I want to keep our options open here.

I'm not sure what I'll actually get to try, but I'm pretty sure that if the hummus doesn't get made tonight, it will be on the lunch menu tomorrow.

What sounds good to you this week?

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