Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Ice, Please

My shins hurt.
I've been resting since a lame two-mile run on Wednesday, during which my anterior tibialis (outer shin) muscles, had they been people, would have been screaming bloody murder and on fire.
So, I've been resting my body, doing lots (and lots) of foam rolling, stretching, and icing.  I'm also working on tracking down a chiropractor as well as a new family doctor (seeing as mine retired last year).  I had thought I found one chiro, but they are "out of network" for my insurance plan, and their use of thew word excellent to describe their cash rates had me wondering if the woman with whom I spoke knew what the word actually means.
Of course, this isn't really the "more" I'd been hoping for in 2013, but if I do want to run more miles this year, I have to be cognizant of my body's aches, pains, and twinges and to be take care of myself so that I can log those miles.  I took plenty of time off in 2012, so a week right now won't derail that plan, and I am optimistic that all I needed was a little rest.
The good news is that since I've been spending a little more time sitting, legs elevated and immobilized by the free Similac ice packs we got at the hospital when HRH was born (they offered us formula, too, but we only took what we figured would be useful), I've been able to find some races that I want to run - including, possibly, my first trail race - and some events that I think would be great family outings for us.  I even bought a planner that I've color-coded to make sure that proper planning can be done in order that I do get more out of this year.
At the end of this week, hopefully my legs will be rejuvinated, and I'll have started plotting out some specific training in that planner in order that my goal continues to be attainable.
Also, one of the family events I have is doing an animal feeding at the zoo, so I need my legs to be in top shape in case the elephants decide to charge.

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