Tuesday, January 1, 2013


More is officially my Word of 2013.

Not in the traditional American "earn more, get more, buy more, have more" mindset.  But sometimes, more is better.

I'll be using more in terms of sentence formulas in order to achieve a few SMART goals I have set for myself.  This brings together my love of diagramming sentences (yes, really) with the ever-popular concept of improvement.
SMART goals are appropriate for any time, and they are highly beneficial in the professional world.  I used to have students, as a part of their individualized learning plans, create SMART goals so that they would have a plan of attack from freshman year through senior year.  Even if their larger objectives (college of choice, major, job, etc.) changed in those four years, they could take steps to graduate successfully.
In the interest of attempting to complete Twelve for 12, I couldn't put these into effect until today.  Yes, it's kind of like a new year's resolution.  But look at it this way, too: today's Tuesday, and it's time to start SMART.  Now.

Goal #1
[verb] + more + [noun]  --  run more miles

I ran 700.4 miles in 2012.  To put it simply, I want to run more miles than that this year.

SMART Criteria
Specific: Mileage must be > 700.4
Measurable: This one's easy - I'll measure it by miles logged, using my favorite iPhone apps.
Attainable: - Hell yeah - if I could increase my miles by over 50% in 2012 from 2011, of course I can do even 10% more this year!  I need to obtain a calendar to plan out my training and events for the year - it's easier when I can see it.
Relevant: Running is what I can do for my health without a gym or trainer and within my schedule of working and being a mom.
Time Frame: My firm deadline is December 31, 2012.

Goal #2
[verb] + more + [noun] + [adjective phrase]  --  spend more time with family

This is kind of intangible, which generally isn't the best type of goal to set.  However, with The Husband's work schedule being what it is, this is something that we need to do.

SMART Criteria
Specific: Time spent should be away from the TV but can include activities at home or away from home.  While some occasions can and should include other family members and friends, several should also just be the three of us.
Measurable: How much? Minimum one weekend day a month of "fun things."  
Attainable: - This will require communication and planning so that time can be spent joyfully.
Relevant: Even more than running, this is incredibly worthwhile.  It's not about the things we buy HRH; it's about the experiences we build.
Time Frame: The soft deadline is December 31, 2012, but by then it should be a habit and ongoing.

Goal #3
[verb] + more + [adverb phrase]  --  participate more in my favorite charities

There are several charitable organizations that are dear to my heart, and even more that are wonderful groups intent on making our world a better place for all of us.  The important thing to remember, though, is that even if I choose ONE charity to focus on, I am helping move the energy of our world in that positive direction.

SMART Criteria
Specific: There will be 4 groups to get my main attentions this year (of course, "things" come up, so I don't want to limit possibilities): 
  • United Blood Services - I'll continue donating blood this year, and I hope I can convince some of you to do so, too.
  • Colon Cancer Alliance - I'll fundraise for the Undy 5000 as well as with other events.
  • Arizona animal rescues - whether it's coonhounds, orange cats, or other critters, animals are part of our world, and they should not suffer at the hands of humans.
  • Heifer International - Improving life in the United States is important, but the world is smaller now, and staying within national boundaries are really ridiculous when it comes to doing good works.

Measurable: Each group will require some measurement:
  • United Blood Services - I need to donate a minimum of twice.
  • Colon Cancer Alliance - Last year I raised $550; this year I want to sent at least $750.
  • Arizona animal rescues - When I took Frye Guy, the little stray kitty who had been living in our backyard, to the Humane Society, I was beside myself.  I took him there because all the other rescues I contacted were all full.  Donations to AHS and the AZBARC, as well as advocacy for adopting pets from shelters and rescues, are a part of this.  I want to give the equivalent of a full sponsorship, $300.
  • Heifer International - rather than purchasing gifts for some friends and family, donations will be made in their name for this group's various projects.
Attainable: - This will require proper budgeting, and I'll need to rotate my focus throughout the year so that I'm not spread thin financially or time-wise.
Relevant: In the same way I want my daughter to know that Cinderella is "better" than her step-sisters because of her kindness rather than because of her beauty, I have a duty to share with her the responsibility of being a member of our community (local and global).
Time Frame: The soft deadline is December 31, 2012, but, like my previous goal, by then it should be a habit and ongoing.

Of course, in order to achieve these three goals, I'll have to do without buying and having more.  But in all reality, I don't need more stuff.  It's just stuff.  I can't take that stuff with me, but I can leave an imprint on the world when I give a little more instead of have more. 

How do you plan to achieve goals for the day, the year, or the decade?
What goals have you before yourself today?


  1. I love these goals! I used to volunteer a lot, but now I only have time for donating chunks of change to charity. Unfortunately, my lack of time is also related to a lack of money...stupid school. I plan to participate more in charities in 2014. I'm so glad you are doing so much with several organizations! You have such a giving heart, Cinderella.

    1. Thanks, Mads! The Cinderella reference is because I struggle with the older Disney movies - they focus so much on the beauty of the princesses instead of their intangibles, like kindness and compassion, and I'm trying to make HRH aware of that more AND that she can be just like Belle (her favorite) just by showing others a little kindness.
      And I hear you on the time/money thing - children suck both out of us, so it will be budgeting carefully, too. But hopefully she will realize later that children need things more than she does. :)