Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Like to Move It, Move It

One of the blogs that I follow is Food Wise Nutrition; Autumn is a nutritionist in Seattle and a friend of my dear friend Katie.  This month, she has challenged her followers to make a commitment to move each day. I gladly accepted the challenge, as while I regularly run or walk with Zooey the Devil Dog, there are always nights each week that I'm "too tired," or when Scott gets home "too late."  These are LIES!  I just posted the other day that I haven't done any yoga, even though apparently I want to start including it into my weekly routine more.  Thus, I am viewing Food Wise's Movement Project as an opportunity to make good on my promise to myself.
Today, I dug out two bushes, planted four to replace them, and potted some new rhubarb (I really really really hope that this takes; rhubarb in Arizona is a major gamble, but I love rhubarb pie enough to risk it), not to mention haul in two bags of compost.  Tonight, I took Zooey for a walk, although we ran a little bit when Zooey started going nutters about the black lab that was on its nightly stroll as well.  But hopefully I can run tomorrow.
This week is go time for the cucumbers HRH "helped" me plant; our pumpkin seeds are sprouting, so I've got my fingers crossed we have home grown jack-o-lanterns for Halloween this year.
But I really want to make pickles.

Do you see what I see?????

Pumpkin sprouts!!!!!!
Post-Script (Monday) - I'm sure some people might notice that I didn't mention the major news that happened in Pakistan late last night.  It is not my intent to diminish world events or to imply that my need to start yoga or my garden are the items around which the sun revolves.  That being said, while I am eternally grateful for all the men and women in uniform who protect my freedoms each and every day, I find it difficult to rejoice in the death of a person - even though he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of others.  However, I can rejoice that my life that I treasure is able to continue, basically uninterrupted, and I can further hope and pray that our troops may be able to come home soon.


  1. I want to start yoga too but I'm doing mine at home, which has been a challenge to get started! So glad you are participating in the movement project.

  2. Good luck with the rhubarb pie--I hope to see some posts about successful rhubarb plants in your garden soon!

    You know where rhubarb grows really well? Southwest Michigan... Just sayin' ;)

  3. I am also doing my yoga at home - my excuse has always been that Wee One's toys are scattered about, and I'm too tired to pick them up in order to unroll the mat. Ha!
    Caroline.. what is this? I had not even left when people started campaigning to get us to move back. Just because I have said that you guys were the best kids ever doesn't mean... well, I'd love to. I miss you all. And I could grow loads of rhubarb!
    See you in June?

  4. What a fantastic challenge. I'm in. I was participating the last few days without even knowing, so I guess I'm good to keep going. Thanks for the inspiration. Between playing pick-up basketball and Zumba, I will also run once a week and walk the dog daily. What a joy to make new blogging friends who inspire me to do more!