Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weather is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

We had had the AC on for a while now, but today, we turned it off and threw the windows open, as it's supposed to stay in the low 80s.  I wish it could stay like this all summer - it's PERFECT!
After HRH went to bed last night, I put together my new "gazpacho garden," a.k.a. whiskey tub with two tomatoes and two chiles, and planted my replacement lavenders and impulse buy - a pineapple sage.  This morning, I was able to actually see them (it was almost 10PM when I came in last night), so that was a bonus.

I got this idea from Sunset; the original suggestion was
a galvanized steel tub, but I love whiskey tubs.
I also only put in chiles and tomatoes; the magazine included
basil (ew) and chives (already somewhere else).
Provençal lavender - oo-la-la!
Pineapple sage - too bad it doesn't grow real pineapples!
Two-year-olds don't really help in the garden,
regardless of what they will try to tell you...
Kitty with the mint - the dog spooked him right when I snapped this.
I think it's funny anyway.
Finally able to snack on the mint, uninterrupted
To be fair, I needed to put in a picture of Zooey.
This was like the one second this morning she wasn't barking.
Please don't pay attention to my non-stuccoed walls.

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