Sunday, July 17, 2011

Strength in Numbers

Since I work from home, email is the main means of communication for my co-workers and me.  That being said, I am absolutely TERRIBLE at checking my person email (I have like three people for whose names I scan, and then I go to my next task).
Shame on me!!!!
Using this habit, I overlooked an email from Foodbuzz, a food blog community (of which I am a featured publisher), that, when finally read, made my heart go pitter-pat with joy.
Yahoo® has agreed to donate $20,000 to Share Our Strength® on behalf of Foodbuzz!  If you don't know about Share Our Strength®, it is an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the United States, a goal the group believes that it can attain in this decade.  This donation from Yahoo can and WILL make a huge impact on the lives of children in our cities and towns across the nation.
So how can you help?  Support Yahoo® by making it your homepage.  It's quick and easy (just like your favorite recipes), and it's even completely painless (unless you have sharp thingies coming out of your keyboard; in that case, go to the store, get a new keyboard, and THEN make Yahoo® your homepage).
But don't stop there - tell your friends, neighbors, likers (on Facebook) and followers (on Twitter) about this great way to help ensure that every child has access to the food he or she needs to thrive.  And don't forget to head over to the Share Our Strength® website to see how else you can make an impact in your community.
I am only too happy to say "thank you" to Yahoo® for making this donation in order to help end childhood hunger.  I once told my daughter, when she was too young to respond with more than a gurgle or coo, that I would never let her go hungry.  I wish I could make that same promise to every child.  This is one way I can work toward that.

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