Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twelve for 12

New Year's Day means resolution time for many many people.
I hate resolutions.
And, considering my luck with this past year, I clearly hate "goals" that, by their very nature, shouldn't be that hard.
So I'm trying something different this year.  "New year, new you," right?

You have my full permission to smack me upside the head for using that horrible, terrible, disgusting cliché.  In fact, I highly encourage it.

At work, I am known for my "to do" lists on my famous Legal Pads.  Most of my department colleagues know that if "it" is not on The List, it will remain Not Done.  I prefer white legal pads, but when a yellow one is presented to me, I will not turn it down.  However, it needs to be wide ruled rather than college ruled (although for binder paper, college ruled is the only way to go).  Even with my new, shiny, lovely iPhone 4S and all the bells, whistles, and list apps I have at my fingertips, I often choose to make a grocery list or, recently, Christmas gift shopping list, on my beloved pad (insert joke about having "the original iPad" right here).
For further proof that The List works, my friend Kat over at Tenaciously Yours, has created an Ultimate To Do List of things she wants to accomplish by the time that young pup turns 25.  Thus far she's crossed many an item off that list.
And that Crossing Things Off The List is such a nice feeling.  I love being able to take that blue pen and make a right-to-left scratch across that Thing To Do.  Ahhhhhh.... accomplishment.
So... in this new year, it's time to make The List of Things To Do.

  1. Run a half marathon (considering I already signed up, I felt that it was best to put this as Thing #1)
  2. Begin painting the house (interior)
  3. Continue collecting my china pattern
  4. Participate in at least one new run/race event
  5. Declutter the master bedroom (or at least start)
  6. Begin my masters
  7. Start and finish at least 2 knitting projects (although in a post to be named later, I may carry one "start" from 2011 over)
  8. Take HRH to one, new, exciting Thing each month
  9. Obtain a post-race massage (this is not indulgent; studies show they help runners recover)
  10. Read a book that is not intended for the 3-year-old crowd
  11. Donate blood 4 times
  12. Spend more high-quality less-TV time with The Husband

And there we have it.  Sure, some things have the word start in front of them, so there isn't really an end date.  But I can't truly start and finish my masters this year (that would be pretty awesome if I could, but let's be realistic here).  And since our house only has one room that is properly painted, I don't want to make myself a promise I can't guarantee that I'll keep.  But if I can start, I can work to put these items on The List for next year - just with finish where we have start this year.

And why, may I ask, is "giving The Cat more love
than The Stupid Dog" not on this list???
OK, 2012.  BRING IT.


  1. This is absolutely perfect! When some of my friends ask me why I blog, I explain to them that it forces me to get things done. Telling The Internet is a powerful motivator.

    What titles are you thinking about for #10?

  2. I don't even know! I have quite a few that are on my list, and several of them I own, so I'll probably have to go through my bookshelf for that - I have Mila 18, by Leon Uris, and I have never been able to get through Lolita, and I feel that I need to finish that before I read Reading Lolita in Tehran. I also would like to read Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent, not because I love Steinbeck (I actually don't) but because I love Richard III. But I read part of Freakonomics and may go for a non-fiction piece, just to spice things up a bit. Oh, the choices are endless!

  3. Great, achievable to-do list! There really is no other feeling akin to the accomplishment of crossing something "real" off of the to-do list.

  4. I'm impressed with "The List". Most of my goals are either vague or specific to the point of absurdity. Your 12 goals in 12 months in 2012 is attainable and perfect! Good luck!