Monday, April 15, 2013

For Boston

I had planned to post my review of The Long Run, by Matt Long, today, as a part of the online running book club hosted by Jamie.
But it's going to have to wait.
Tonight, I'm hugging my daughter closely and taking her for a run to give thanks for the blessing that is my set of legs, even if they never carry me to a Boston qualifying time.
Tomorrow, along with many other members of the online running community I've come to love more than I had realized, I'm wearing a race shirt to honor those injured and killed today in Boston.
The Red Cross has tweeted that its blood supplies are strong right now, but if you are eligible to donate, please consider making an appointment in the next month; certainly blood banks throughout the country always need it, and the New England area will need replenishing very soon.
And keep running forward, never back.

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