Monday, July 1, 2013

One Kitchen, Many Hearts - Picnic Time

I'm not sure I would want to have that face looking back at me while on a picnic, but they are SOOOOOO FLUFFFAYYYYYY that I couldn't help sharing it.
It's time for another OKMH gift exchange round-up.  The theme for this month is all about picnics.  I love picnics.  HRH does, too, and she's been begging me to take her down to the park at the end of the street to have a picnic again.  I would love to, but I'm not super keen on having my picnics when it's over 100°, so we likely won't be heading out again until....November.
Fortunately, when you have a fun group of friends, a picnic is basically ready made, and I don't have to schlep a basket to the park in the sweltering heat.

This month my girl Megan knew just what I needed: beer, jam, chocolate, and Pretty Things.  All of which are, naturally, PERFECT for a picnic.  Even if I take myself on a solo picnic and don't share the chocolate with anyone.  Just don't tell HRH that I didn't leave her any chocolate, OK?

The beer - Washington brews, including a Pacific Northwest Kilt Lifter in return for the Four Peaks Kilt Lifter I sent her last year.  I haven't cracked it open yet; I'm hoping to nab a bottle of the local label and do a taste test.  
The chocolate - Megan's own homemade Magic Shell.  My plan is to obtain a pint (or quart...whatever) of ice cream and indulge some evening after HRH has gone to bed.  No, Mommy doesn't always share.  She's just too young and hasn't developed a palate that would truly appreciate this deliciousness.
Various and Sundry - two homemade photo frames (she cooks, the crafts - she's the whole damn package!!!!), some decorative toothpicks (with which HRH absconded, determined that she use them on her strawberries), baby jams, a ceramic strawberry basket (which I adore - I have plastic ones, but this one is so sturdy - it's totally becoming a centerpiece for the summer!), and a some gorgeous picnic linens, all in bright colors and vibrant patterns.
I'm imagining myself sitting in the cool grass with some berries and still-chilled ice cream, onto which I might pile those berries, the jam, and the magic shell.  And then I'll wash it down with a beer.  Or two.  I'll let you know how that goes.
In the meantime, make sure that you check out the other picnic goods that were sent across the globe this month.
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And while it's too hot for a picnic here in Phoenix right now, I hope that you've been inspired to take yourself (and maybe your loved ones, if you're so inclined) on a picnic.  Pack yourself up some goodies and nibbles, and head out on the lawn!


  1. Alpaca lunch... I'm just dying over here. Love that so much!! HAHAHA

  2. The world needs more Alpaca memes. He's just. So. FLUFFY!!

    1. Haha - right? Maybe we should get an alpaca farm - they have marketable fur, don't they?

  3. hahaha I'm glad you found the perfect meme for this post. I love that you got magic shell topping! Is it in liquid form? I'm still not exactly sure of the voodoo behind the magic shell, but I bet it's amazing over ice cream.

    1. It is totally magical. It was liquid, but I put it in the fridge. The good news is that it will become liquid again in like ten seconds when I take it out, since it's so hot here. I hope I was supposed to put it in the fridge.

  4. So much awesome in that box - the jam, the beer, the frames - love it all! I'm inspired to make All The Sundaes.