Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stride Box - June 2013

Yes, I know it's July.  Let's just say June got away from me.  I'm blaming it on the strep.
This is my second Stride Box, and it really is perfect for summer.  There's even a runner's icy pop!

  • Skratch Labs lemon-lime hydration mix - lemon lime is basically the only flavor of Gatorade I have ever liked, so I'm sure I'll like this (and I like the ingredient list better than I like Gatorade).
  • Pocket Fuel banana blue berry almond butter (two of 'em!) - right now, I'm not sure I could handle a nut butter while running; it's just too heavy for the heat (the lows are in the high 80s right now), but I can't wait to use it when the weather cools down again.
  • Electro Delytes citrus bar - this also looks delicious, and the citrus is certainly on my favorite flavor profile.
  • PowerICE frozen electrolye bar - I am TOTALLY using this bad boy after a hot run, and I'm on the lookout for these so I can stock the freezer with them ASAP.
  • Blue Steel Sports anti-chafe cream - I can't say I've had this problem much, but high temps plus sweat plus sports bras is NOT the best equation for avoiding The Chafe, so I'm sure I'll get to give this a test drive before long.
  • Due North Foot Rubz foot massage ball - HRH thought this was one of our dryer balls, so I've kept hidden away, but I am using it to make sure that tendinitis is held at bay; it feels reallllllly good!
  • Lock Laces no tie shoe system - I don't mind tying my shoes, and I can tie them quickly in a basic slip knot without concern that they'll come undone during a run, but as I've recently learned about the duathlon (run-bike-run event), I think these will come in handy, since getting in and out of the running and cycling shoes can, if done poorly, add a good chunk of time to the totals.

I'm loving these monthly gift packages that are designed to help me be a better, stronger, and healthier runner, and it's helping me learn about more incredible products (even ones that I may end up not caring for); anything that can broaden my running horizons is surely only going to benefit me as a runner.  
So - bring on Stride Box July!


  1. I'm curious about the Pocket Fuel but the flavor you got, I couldn't eat (no bueno on the banana). These "boxes" are pretty popular trending item right now. How'd you end up going with this one?

    1. I haven't had the Pocket Fuel yet - almond butter just does NOT sound good with the temps so hot here of late. I'm with you on not being a fan of bananas, so I'm hoping that the blueberry flavor overtakes the banana. I really liked the Electro Delytes!
      I think these are going to be hit or miss; I just had the Vi Fuel vanilla from my first Stride Box, and it was not my cup of tea. But at least I know that now (I think I'm more into the chews and gummies rather than the gels) without having bought a lot of them. Plus it's fun getting a monthly package in the mail. :)

    2. A friend of mine told me I shouldn't use the Pocket Fuel on a run, that it would be hard for the body to digest. I prefer Clif Bloks, any way. I'm gonna have to look in to getting myself a runner's box every month! I want one (said in Elf's voice)!!!

    3. Yes, I love the Clif Bloks, too! I had the Honey Stingers from my first box - those were tasty, and they did not upset my belly, so I think that anything that's kind of like a jelly candy or gummy bear is going to be what I am going to buy on my own. I think the Pocket Fuel might be great for when we start hiking again, since we'll be going more slowly. :) I hope you get your box, too!