Monday, January 20, 2014

Assignment One

I wasn't thrilled with my classes this semester; both of them are electives for me, as by the time the university decided my transcripts were real, all the English classes were full, and I had to sign up for electives, both of which are in the education school.
One of my classes focuses on reading instruction, and the other on assessment, and I'm hoping that even though they weren't my first choices, they can help me become a better English teacher.
So far, a week in, things appear to be going well.  I submitted my first assignment in my assessment course; I wrote seven pages for what turned out to be a five-point assignment.  Thank goodness I earned all five of them.  My professor also commented that I gave a great analysis, which was a nice boost for me - I was nervous about going back to school after (number redacted) years, even if it is online, and I can "go" to class in yoga pants if I feel like it.
Keep your fingers crossed that the rest of the semester continues to go positively - the essays haven't started yet!

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