Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a Wonderful OKMH

The holiday season is a time to reflect on the fortunes of good family and friends.  We are more than rich in both departments, and as such, this holiday edition of One Kitchen, Many Hearts was made  even more special knowing that I have been blessed with friends both near and far.

I adore shipping packages to people.  There something so fun and exciting about putting as much love in those "if it fits, it ships" USPS boxes and sending it away, imagining the glee with which it may be torn open in a few days.  Whenever I am saddened that we don't have all of our family near us, necessitating the shipment of Christmas gifts, I remind myself of the cheer that a package through the mail - instead of just those flyers that go directly into the recycling bin - can bring.
This month, I sent off a box to Mads.  Since she was actually in Minnesota, I sent it up there to meet her as she enjoyed a well-deserved vacation.
And as much as I enjoyed knowing that her package would be happily received, I have to admit that I really, really, REALLY looked forward to seeing what Jeanne sent me.  She is one of those amazing planners who can hoard away those "perfect" goodies for months on end.  I want to be her when I grow up.
And I was not disappointed.  Together, HRH and I tore into the package.  Jeanne always thinks of HRH when she sends her packages, and this month, among other goods, the purple sparkly nail polish sent her over the edge.  We've been playing "Beauty Shop" for days now.  My fingernails (and most of my top knuckles) look amazing.
Not to be left out, I also received red sparkly polish, with which HRH immediately absconded ("this is for me, too").  Someday I may be allowed to use it.
And as if Jeanne knew I would need something to make myself feel better after having so new a good stolen right out from under me, THESE MAPLE PECAN SHORTBREAD COOKIES:
These last three brave souls perished earlier this morning.

And for my breakfast biscuits (or straight from the spoon… whatever):

Status: hoarding
For those girl's nights in with me, myself, and I (which, in true OKMH mind meld, Megan also received from Kirsten - I'm dying right now):


But this apron.  OMG.  Jeanne said she found it months ago and KNEW I had to have it.  I mean, OBVIOUSLY.  You may have noticed that I adore Germany and German things and the German language (I have a degree in it and used to teach it).  True, Lederhosen is worn by men, but a dirndl apron may have been a little… risqué?  The beer stein pinned to it was Jeanne's addition, and I just LOVE THIS.  In fact, I'm terrified to wear it.  I don't want to get it dirty.  

Thanks so much, Jeanne.  I LOVED opening this package, and so did HRH. 
I'm so lucky to have met all of these ladies, four of whom I've even met in real life.  They are all wonderful women, and I hope that in 2014, all of my friends and readers will take inventory of the blessings we call friends.

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  1. Words cannot express how thankful I am for my beloved OKMH friends and for the pictures of you in the apron. I laughed out loud. So happy you & your mini-me enjoyed the goodies. Happy New Year! -j

    1. PS - Did you notice Kirsten sent Megan the exact same cocktail napkins? We bought them at the same time during her visit in May, but did not plan who got which & when. It's funny how these things always fall out with us. #OKMHmindmeld

    2. I DID notice that and 1) died laughing and 2) immediately added a note about it. I love the mind melding!

  2. You totally rock the lederhosen (apron), Allison! Jeanne sure has a way with aprons--and let's not even get started with her Mad Jamming Skillz. I love you guys!

    1. I'm afraid to open the jam just because I don't want to share it. I want to sit and devour it on biscuits until I can't move anymore. Is that wrong?

  3. Things to discuss: Those shortbread cookies. Jeanne's jam labels. The fact that I got to partake in the marshmallow feast.

    So much December joy.

    p.s. That jam definitely needs to be a centerpiece of biscuit-fest.

    1. Eins: Cookies were to die for. So maple-y. So shortbread-y. I'm usually NOT a fan of nuts in cookies, but these were so amazing. I could not stop eating.
      Zwei: Those labels slay me. She's so creative.
      Drei: A mallow feast sounds like The Best Time.
      Vier: Biscuits will be sacrificed to devour that jam. It's only a matter of days.