Friday, May 30, 2014

Physical Therapy - Weeks 3 & 4

Most of my PT sessions are scheduled with Stephanie, but she was out of town twice over these last two weeks, so I've had "subs."
Now, I'm not saying that I'm comfortable with Stephanie, because the second I say that, she's going to add a new, excruciating exercise to my routine. But at the same time, I'm glad things got shaken up before I did start getting too comfortable.
So last week, I also worked with Heidi, who is also a fellow runner (both she and Stephanie were in a triathlon a few weekends ago) as well as a pilates instructor. If I so much as tried to use a different muscle group during my exercises, she swooped down and made sure I was behaving.
And then she strapped me to the table.
Seriously. I was, for the first time in my life, forcibly attached to a horizontal surface by means of an extra long seat belt.
And all I had to do was pay a $10 copay.
Since the hip is a large joint, the seat belt was necessitated so that I could stay in "position" for Heidi to work on my hip in order to help alleviate the impingement that's happening. Plus I could stop doing clams and just lay there (insert TWSS joke).
This week, Bryan also got to torture me, continuing to work on the impingement before allowing me to do my own exercises.
Between the impingement work and the fact that Stephanie gave me some new exercises AND added weights to a few existing ones, I'm tired today.
Seriously, adding a single pound weight to two exercises and then doing squats at the end of everything left me wanting to lay myself spread eagle on the floor to pass out.
And did I mention that I'm doing V-sits? Because those are truly the worst. By the end of each once (I have to do 3 for 30 seconds each), my entire body is shaking.
Yes, it's good - I'm getting some great ab work in, but oh my goodness, it's so dang hard!
Physical therapy is humbling if nothing else.
I'm trying to be good and do my exercises every night, but over the long weekend, it just didn't happen. I finally had the opportunity to get into the kitchen and make a lot of things, but since that meant I was on my feet most of the weekend, by the evenings, when I usually get to do my exercises, I was toast.
That being said, being on my feet for the majority of three days certainly left my legs tired enough as it is, although I know it's no excuse for following orders.
This weekend, I'll step up. I'm missing running and cycling but also know I must be patient in order to avoid injury like this in the future. For now, we're shooting for me being at 80%.
I've never so badly wanted to have a B.


  1. wow, i have a much better PT experience. myofascial release is basically getting massaged. incredibly relaxing. one time she did have me do a band exercise to show me "homework."

    good luck. i hope it works for you. i'll think of you every tues & thurs as i'm laying on a massage table getting myofacsial release :P

    1. Man, no fair! Maybe I'll get that when I make more progress (please please please). In the meantime, I think I may reward my end of school year with a massage.

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