Friday, January 7, 2011

Better the 5th Day

We had a simple supper of bread and soup tonight... nothing big (soup from the store that was an impulse buy).
My mini baguettes were hastily heated (I think because someone felt bad about forgetting that I had slaved over them and bought a baguette at the store), and you know what?  Their puckishness (totally different when you are talking about bread and not people) seemed to disappear.  Still not the lightest, these were GREAT for dipping/spooning up the cheesy soup.
Next time, I think I'll make 4 loaves instead of 6 so that my bread-crust ratio is not quite so equal.  I really did like the chewiness of the bread, and it definitely is one that will hold up even when up against a muffaletta.

And I keep forgetting to tell you about the okra!!!!  While they were a little slimy (as okra can be), they were very, very tasty.  And crunchy.  And tasty - did I mention that?  Nothing like my fridge pickles - the vinegar-salt balance was dead-on for this recipe.  And their petite nature made them perfectly bite-sized.  Maybe that's why they disappeared so quickly.
One jar has already been demolished, but I am saving the brine and hoping to pick up some pickling cukes at the store this weekend to try to make some fridge pickles with it (reduce, reuse, recycle!).  I noticed today that the other jars were in the fridge, as if someone (who will remain nameless but ate nearly the entire first jar himself) was prepping them for a late night snack in the very near future.


  1. Next summer when Okra is in season here I wanted to try it baked like this:

    P.S. Having lunch with Georgette,Caroline & Cailee at Zingerman's:

  2. OK, super jealous! I am still looking for a good local deli. The one two minutes away was NOT a real deli, despite their B&W framed pics of the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Tell the girls hi for me; I miss you all very much.
    I love Katheats! We usually just toss them in a garam masala and saute. You can also stuff them with mashed potatoes (regular or sweet - and seasoned any way you want) and then bake them.

  3. Will do! And I love Kath Eats too - first food blog I ever read!