Monday, January 31, 2011

Reason to Buy Local/Seasonal #1

I'm sure that somewhere, someone has already put an extensive list together, but this is my list that I'm compiling as we go along this journey, noting the discoveries as they happen.
I often think that my daughter is the world's pickiest eater.  Now, I understand that this is a title that most parents bestow upon their children, so I know that I'm not alone in my desperate search for foodstuffs that she will eat and that I would like her to eat.
After working her way through half of a peanut butter sandwich this evening, she wanted something more but wasn't in the mood to eat the dried cranberries that also graced her plate.
So, I attempted something daring.
"How about a carrot?"
Her response shocked me: "Please."
Heck, yeah!!!!!!  We had just gotten the cutest bunch of carrots from our CSA this weekend - the first ones we've gotten since joining in the late summer, so I grabbed the smallest of the bunch (we're not trying to save the entire world all in one fell swoop, after all) and gave it to her.
She ate it.  The WHOLE THING.
She even deemed it "Delicious!"
Woo hoo!! (insert mommy happy dance)
HRH didn't want more, but she ate that little carrot, and that's a big step.
I had one myself, and it was so good - it tasted like a carrot should taste.  If you have only ever had carrots from the supermarket, you haven't tasted a "real" carrot.  I HATE carrots.  Actually, no.  I hate carrots from the supermarket.  They don't taste good.  They're not fresh.  But pluck a carrot straight from the ground and offer it to me, I'll take it down.  And apparently, so will HRH.

So, reason to buy local/seasonal #1 - my child actually might eat and enjoy it.

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