Friday, March 30, 2012

A Birthday Haiku

Today is my birthday, and I was fortunate enough to take the day off, sleep in, receive an iPad (woo hoo!), take HRH to her first session of a 4-week class introducing her to various sports, be taken out to breakfast, knit on the couch while watching Ghost Hunters AND Ghost Adventures, be made cupcakes, be taken out to dinner (pizza - tomorrow is the traditional Birthday Date Night that the Husband and I have done since we met), and knit some more.

But perhaps the most exciting revelation: today is MC Hammer's 50th birthday.

I wish I had some parachute pants.

But since I don't, I thought I'd post a haiku I wrote for one of my classes some years back.  Somehow, over the course of a unit, the kids thought it would be fun to challenge me to write either a haiku or limerick about topics of their choosing.
Somewhere, between Ron Burgundy and New Kids on the Block, Hammer was thrown down.

Callanta's Favorite
No, you CAN'T touch this,
'cause I'm too legit to quit.
Stop.  It's hammer time.

Call the Library of Congress; you've got your next laureate right here.

Happy birthday, Hammer.  Wish you were still totally legit.

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