Saturday, March 31, 2012

Twelve for 12: March Progress Report

I haven't posted an update about my List of Things To Do for a couple of months, but since many of those "to do" items are time consuming, there wasn't a great deal to add since January's update.
But in the last two months, I have managed to cross off a few more of those items and add to others that are ongoing.

#7 - Start and finish at least 2 knitting projects (although in a post to be named later, I may carry one "state" from 2011 over)
Last update I had bought yarn.  Happily, I've finished that blanket and given it to the little lady who will hopefully enjoy snuggling herself in it.
The only wrench here is that while I have also begun project #2 (which is NOT the project that I'm carrying over from 2011), I have mentally prepared myself for two more babies... er, projects to bestow on some expecting friends.  Thankfully, they have had the decency to space out their pregnancies and are due later in the fall.

Pink and cream hearts for a sweet little girl
#8 - Take HRH to one, new, exciting Thing each month
Even though January had both ZooLights and Beauty and the Beast in 3D, I've been working hard to add variety to our routines.
In February, we took her to a pottery painting shop in Gilbert, where she painted a fish (that has yet to be picked up... ahem).  Fortunately, she didn't see the Belle figurine that she could have painted, had I been willing to shell out the big bucks.
This month the princess had to wait until the end of the month for anything new (we did go to the zoo during Spring Break, though), but it was worth it.  Since I have a child who has seemingly endless energy, I decided it was Time to Get This Kid Into A Sport.  Now, The Husband really wants her to play soccer, and I agree that a team sport is important for her to experience, especially as an only child.  But I also want it to be her choice.  Enter our local parks and rec - we found a four-week class for kids HRH's age that introduces them to 9 different sports.
The first class presented soccer and golf, and already HRH said she enjoyed both.  The Husband, I am sure, will actively be working on drills in the backyard with the bazillion (half dozen) soccer balls we already have, but I'll bet that she'd be happy hitting the "links" over in the pocket park down the street.

#10 - Read a book that is not intended for the 3-year-old crowd
Last month, Mads sent me The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein.  I had heard good things about the book, including Megan's comment that I will "ugly cry" (no, really - that's an endorsement).
I haven't opened it yet.
As much as I want to, knowing that reading it will elicit that "ugly cry," I want to make sure that I can devote a solid block of time to sit, alone, tissues in my lap, sobbing and snotting all over the book.  So that's on my list for my vacation time this summer.
However, I did finish Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life, by Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung, earlier this month, so I am already able to cross this item off my list.
Of course, one book is just not going to be Enough.  Two probably won't be, either.

I still have quite a few that need starting, but progress is progress, and I still have nine months left in the year.
Baby steps.

  1. Run a half marathon (considering I already signed up, I felt that it was best to put this as Thing #1)
  2. Begin painting the house (interior)
  3. Continue collecting my china pattern
  4. Participate in at least one new run/race event
  5. Declutter the master bedroom (or at least start)
  6. Begin my masters
  7. Start and finish at least 2 knitting projects (although in a post to be named later, I may carry one "start" from 2011 over)
  8. Take HRH to one, new, exciting Thing each month
  9. Obtain a post-race massage (this is not indulgent; studies show they help runners recover)
  10. Read a book that is not intended for the 3-year-old crowd
  11. Donate blood 4 times
  12. Spend more high-quality less-TV time with The Husband


  1. Your pink & cream blanket is gorgeous!
    I used to LOVE miniature golf; it's been ages.
    I need to find that book so I can ugly cry, too.

  2. Beautiful job on the blanket! I swear that I can not see cotton yarn without thinking of you knitting in the desert. Pre-K soccer is such a blast to watch. I've coached most of my boys at that level, and it's absolutely hilarious. Have fun.