Friday, July 6, 2012

Finicky Fridays - Operation Eat it or Starve: the Battles Rage On

It's been two weeks since the official start of Operation Eat it or Starve here in the Philistines house, and  I am here to tell you that this is probably going to last longer than the US occupation of Afghanistan.
Yes, HRH is a stubborn little devil; every time I think that I've advanced the troops, she manages to institute a counter-attack that leaves me speechless.  If she were part of the French army during World War II, the Maginot line would probably have held.

I'm thankful to quite a few of my friends for posting photos on my Facebook page that I have valiantly tried to copy.  Creative plates have helped HRH be at least willing to consider some items and actually put other foodstuffs in her maw, so I'll be continuing that as much as possible.

In the past few weeks I have played with Ms. Food Face...

Yes; I braided angel hair.
Not as easy as you'd think.
...made flowers and trees...

For the record, the salad tree (top right) did NOT go over well.
...and played around with breakfast.

Homemade granola with fruit in an ice cube tray (left) and
"apple" pancakes (actually squash - muahahahahahahaha!)
Some success I can brag about is that HRH is eating sprouted grain bread willingly and even enjoying it - when I made her some mini cheese sandwiches, she ate them in three parts: bread, cheese, bread (repeat).

Hard to tell, but those are a dog, a cat, and a fish;
she decided that this was an underwater scene and dubbed them
"cat fish" and "dog fish."
Whatever; she ate them.
Additionally, she's finally discovered that food is more fun to eat when it's placed on each of the five fingers first (we're working our way up to olives).  

The dragonfly was a string cheese body, cherry eyes, carrot antennae,
and strawberry wings.
The stem of the flower had cocoa peanut butter spread on the underside.

The variety still isn't what I want to see, but HRH has decided that she now likes kiwi.  She's also unknowingly eaten squash every day this week in leftover pancakes; once she polished off the batch that had chopped summer squash along with the apples, I made a batch using acorn squash (I used a recipe for pumpkin pancakes, and it turned out really nicely).
We're taking a holiday in San Diego this weekend, so we'll see what happens while we're gone.  I certainly don't want HRH to be eating nothing but chicken nuggets and French fries, although we may be limited while driving.  I packed lots of good snacks, including carrots, fruit leathers, and strawberries, so that we continue modeling good eating habits even when out.

Do you put olives on your fingers before you eat them?
Are you willing to hide healthy foods (like squash) in your kids' meals, or do you prefer to be completely up front with them?


  1. Yes, we put olives on our fingers. I do it. My Baby does it. And now her babies do it. We come from a long line of finger-stuffed olive eaters. On the rare occasion a bag of Bugles shows up, we do it with them, too. Your food plates for HRH are adorable. I love how creative you've gotten. That braided pasta hair? FABulous!

    1. I am a huge fan of Olives on the Fingers. It really is an important life lesson.
      Thanks for the props! Hopefully it's working! #propaganda

  2. I totally hide healthy foods in my sons meals. Sweet potato in muffins, broccoli bits in mac'n'cheese. My husband is particularly good at it. We also usually offer veggies in their "natural" form (not hidden), but my son just hands it right back to us. *le sigh*

    LOVE all your creations! Very impressive (I can't imagine those are quick to plate)!

    1. Thanks! I'm actually jealous of the mac and cheese. HRH won't touch the stuff. She feels that noodles are only acceptable in spaghetti form, and only with tomato sauce. I'm not really sure how she's my child on that one, as mac and cheese is in the category of That Which Will Be Extremely Difficult to Give Up in the Event We Decide to Go With a Vegan Lifestyle.
      She is usually really good with fruits; it's the veggies that are a struggle, even when I have her help me in the kitchen (I actually taught her the chopping broccoli song while I had her little hands help me - you got it - chop broccoli).
      Double sigh....

  3. I'm totally not above hiding pureed vegetables in food. My personal favorite is butternut squash mac & cheese, spinach in heavily-blueberried smoothies, and ground flax seeds in cookies, muffins. But flax seeds in cake? Fuhgetaboutit! Gross. My bookend boys eat much better than the middle guys, so I just give healthy options on the plate, and hope that one day they'll end up eating them. But dinner is dinner. Next meal is breakfast. So far, no one has starved in the process. ;)

    1. Exactly!
      However, I am going to say that I am in love with soccer. Three dinners in a row have been HORKED down in the most unfeminine, un-HRH manner ever. She even asked for a CARROT in the bath tonight because "my tummy still isn't full."
      I love the idea for mac and cheese. Once I get her eating the stuff, I'll have to remember that. I got the flu once and tried to feel better with a butternut squash soup, and that didn't go well, so I have issues with that particular squash myself, so maybe I'll eat it, too! Great idea!