Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Workout Wednesday - July 11 - Quick and Dirty Version

This is going to be fast and furious tonight, since I'm working on a project I hope y'all will participate in.  It will be totally worth your time, so stay tuned.
So, over the weekend while we were in San Diego, I ran about five miles along the boardwalk down by the harbor.  At about 60° when I headed out and maybe 65° by the time I finished, it felt like a little bit of heaven after running in 80° or hotter weather here in the Valley (even before sunrise).

We never got to tour the Midway, but it was awe-inspiring to run past it.
I could get used to this view.
Yep, I'm used to it.
I still don't know what this is.
But I love it.
I also walked about a bazillion miles at the San Diego Zoo, so I got some serious calorie (and shoulder) burning in there, especially when HRH decided she had to do #2 when we were exactly As Far Away As Possible to the nearest bathroom, so The Husband and I hoofed the heck out of that one hill.
Off topic - the zoo was totally awesome; we saw a baby giraffe...

...a baby hippo snuggling with his mommy...

Baby is on the left; Momma was keeping him safe.
...and two baby jaguars that brought squeals of awe even from the men.

After this shot, all my pics are blurry, because someone's nap
was interrupted by a boisterous sibling.
Hilarity and squees ensued.
Running in San Diego made me realize that while I am a bit a lot a tad complain-y about our summer weather, I am fortunate to be able to run outdoors year-round.  Of course, one can do that in San Diego, too, but since we don't actually live there, that's a moot point.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting out for our pre-dawn runs again.
The Husband left for Chicago basically the second we got back from San Diego, so HRH and I have been flying solo this week.  She's been getting in some great workouts at soccer camp (hello, eating complete dinners and going to sleep in ten seconds - I love you), but Zooey and I have pretty much been slugabeds.
I even forgot to work on my Hundred Pushups Challenge, so today, a week after my last endeavor, I finally did Week 4, Day 3.  It was not pretty, especially since HRH was extremely curious about what I was doing and kept asking questions and accidentally dropped her blanket on me while she watched me from the comfort of my bed.
But it got done.

The next step is another "max out" session.  In my last max out, I got up to 16 (from the baseline of 5), so I'm looking forward to seeing how far I am coming.
The total I did today was 80.
Not bad for a girl who couldn't even get 6 done a month or so ago.

My mom is coming into town on Saturday, so I'll start running again on Monday in order to get back into the swing of things before TH gets home Tuesday.  I'm sure Zooey will be pleased, too, although since she was at the doggie hotel all weekend, she's been happy to be a lazy hound dog.
I like being lazy, too, but the pull of fitting into smaller jeans is a girl's best motivator.

What's your favorite weather/season to run in?
Which zoo (or aquarium) critter is your favorite?

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