Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hangar-ing Out

The weather in Arizona this weekend can only be described as dreary.  Not the Edgar Allen Poe despondent kind of dreary, but gray and damp dreary.  Of course, it's right when I wanted to kick the running training back in gear to prep for my next 10K (stay tuned) as well as Pat's Run.
Instead, I got up too early, especially after a night spent mostly awake with a sick toddler and two animals who are currently BOTH at the top of my "list" and didn't want to do anything but make and drink a boatload of coffee.
So when Scott suggested we go to breakfast after he walked the naughty coonhound (I caught her eating my dinner off the counter last night), I was game.
We went to the Hangar Cafe at the Chandler Municipal Airport, only a few minutes from the house.  I didn't even know that the little airport had a restaurant, but the prospect of HRH being entertained by the airplanes while we dined on greasy spoon fare was too good to turn down.
Heavenly hash
Holy smokes - it was PACKED!  Seriously, this place is out of the way, and there are no signs on the major roads advertising it, but there was a wait out the door by the time we got there.
Scott informed me that the Hangar Hash (corned beef) was good, and I have a weakness for it, so I didn't look further, while Scott had the chicken fried steak.  HRH, who was more interested in trying to go potty seven times than airplanes (and with the weather, there weren't really many airplanes to watch anyway), is still not much of an eater, so we ordered an à la carte breakfast for her - fruit salad and bacon.
Remains of the day
There is a reason this place was the proverbial sardine cliché.  The food was good food.  Nothing fancy, but good and filling.  The Hangar Hash came with an overgenerous portion of crispy has browns and eggs that were perfectly over medium as well as some pretty tasty sourdough.  Scott announced that the gravy on the steak was "really good," and it was difficult not to steal a bite.  I have already made it a mental goal to master sausage gravy, but that plate made me reaffirm that I need to do this soon.  Oh, and the diva - she ate ALL her bacon (save the portion that she choked on in her eagerness to jam an entire rasher in her mouth) and put a pretty big dent in the fruit salad, which was the size of her head.
Hopefully we can go again when the weather is once again Arizona perfect, although I kind of want to go back tomorrow.

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