Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scope it Out

I have changed the subtitle of this little blog of mine to better reflect what I realize I will be considering in my words.  While originally, I had planned to keep an online journal of what our family is eating, I can't just discuss the food we put in our mouths in a complete vacuum.  What I put on the table is linked to the runs I take after dinner and the actions I (try to) take on a regular basis.  And were it not for my desire to behave more sustainably than we have, I wouldn't have even take up with our darling CSA.
So I'm officially expanding the scope of DPSTW to include my rantings on compassionate acts (expect several about the charitable running events I've planned out for the year), new discoveries on how to reduce waste (not just table scraps), and being more healthy overall, from organic and local broccoli (which we roasted this evening for dinner) to making my own shampoo/conditioner (really - I'm intrigued).
Honestly, the more I started being conscious of what I put in my mouth, I started thinking that I had to be more conscious of the other things that I do.  No, I'm not planning on living off the grid any time soon; there are a few indulges without which I can't live (think Princess Vespa in Spaceballs), but that doesn't mean I can't pare down for the good of the order.
Thus, this month I'll be reworking my objectives to make them more sensible to my new intent, although I haven't forgotten about my February goal of flossing daily.  It took me a few days to get into it; I realized we were out of floss, and I had to get myself to the store (this time I went to Basha's rather than Target) to buy some.  I am doing pretty well, although as I type this I realize that I DID forget to take my daily vitamin.  But hey - it's not January anymore, right?

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