Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Can't Lift My Arms...OOOOH - Cookies!

OK, just to start things off, I need to discuss my newest current obsession: Herbavoracious's sesame-orange sablé cookies.  I finally made them today after drooling over the recipe in the new cookbook.
Oh, my word.  Michael Natkin, you are a genius.  These cookies are like if butter cookies, sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, and those salty little sesame sticks I always eat too many of had a baby and then fed their baby to me.

Side note - if babies tasted like this, there would be fewer people on the planet.

But I digress.

Also, eating babies is completely improper and immoral.  I swear that whole analogy up there was due to the haze of deliciousness that I'm currently in; there is no way you can expect me to remain lucid.

The recipe called for orange zest, but since I had a few fresh limes lying around, I zested them instead.  It was A Good Decision.
The fact that there are still plenty of these babies leftover for The Husband to try and for us to maybe work through in the remaining days of this week says a lot for how far I have come in my quest to stop overeating.  Although I still had 6 cookies today.
So, get the Herbavoracious cookbook, but not just for these amazing cookies.  All of the (vegetarian) recipes are beautiful and mouth-watering, and if I had my druthers, I would probably work my way through the entire book while on vacation.

On a completely unrelated topic, today is the day after Day 1 of the Hundred Pushups Challenge.  I managed to do 14 yesterday, in 5 sets: 2-3-2-2-5.  And so, today, I have to say this:


Apparently, one doesn't tend to us the pectoral and other push-up related muscles very much when running.  Duly noted.
Tomorrow (Day 2) is gonna be rough, folks.  But it will be worth it if I can slither into that tacky shirt (I've actually decided that a tank top is really the way to go) advertising free tickets to that spectacular gun show.

How are you changing up your fitness routine as summer weather heats up?  What is your newest food obsession that you can't get enough of?


  1. I've been taking waaaay longer walks/runs with Josie lately. Who knew that my chubby little pug was a runner? haha
    Food obsession? I cannot get enough of grilled foods. Seriously, I crave fresh grilled foods every single day. I think Jonathan is getting sick of me putting him to work out there. :) Kebabs, steak, onions, peppers, marinated chicken, etc. On and on and on and on

    1. Awww, Josie!
      That's funny - I think TH would be thrilled if I sent him outside to do manly things like char steaks. But then again, it's getting hot here in AZ, s maybe not...
      Grilled food is delicious - have you ever grilled Napa cabbage or romaine to make a grilled salad? AMAZING!