Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workout Wednesday - June 13

The Husband returns from the first of his (almost) back to back trips tomorrow.  Before he leaves again Saturday evening, I'll get at least one run in.  However, since we 1) don't have a treadmill 2) aren't members of any gym 3) live in Arizona where it's really hot 4) have a 3-year-old who can't just hold down the fort while Momma goes for a run, it's difficult to get a run in while he's gone.  Yes, I KNOW that I could probably suck it up and go out for a run in the later morning after HRH is off to daycare but before it hits triple digits, but since I run with Zooey - and LOVE running with Zooey as much as she loves running with me - I can't justify taking my black and tan girl out when I know the sun in going to be bearing down on her.  Plus, while it might be in the 90s when I go, the pavement will likely have already reached the 110s or more, and I don't even want to think of how hot the blacktop will have already gotten.
Yes, it is true that we can fry eggs on the sidewalks here in the summer.
We are also not opposed to driving with oven mitts on.
So what to do in order to keep the activity going while The Husband is out of town.
Thank heaven for the App Store.
I'll admit it - while I really really really wanted an iPhone, I wanted but at the same time didn't want an iPad (I'm not totally sure why).  But now that I have one, I wouldn't give it up.  Not only is HRH learning German (the other day she pointed to her eyes and said, "There are Augen!") and how to add with the apps I've gotten for her, but I have found some fantastic apps for myself to help make my cross training easier.
Of course we've already talked about the Hundred Pushups Challenge.  At first, I was just going to keep a spreadsheet to log my weeks of pushups; a simple sum formula was all I needed.  But it has been absolutely worth it, thus far, to download the Hundred Pushups app to keep track of everything (Matt over at For the Sole, who initiated the challenge on Twitter, is also using the app, and you can check out his post about it here).

This is a snap from last week;
I'm up to 27 thus far.
I'm not going to lie - even though I am only about a quarter of the way to 100, I'm already feeling the difference in my arms.  The first few days were killers; I was so so so so so so SO sore.  Ouch.  But I sucked it up and got over it.
But two dozen pushups three times a week isn't cutting it.  And while I'm not training now, I've already picked out my next half marathon and plugged my training schedule into my calendar; I'll be starting in August.
I've got to get my cross training in.

OK, I admit it - when I trained for London's Run, I used my pilates and yoga DVDs for my cross training.  And I love them.  I loooooooove pilates.  But it didn't really give me the results I was looking for, partly because as I got busy, it was too easy for me to cheat. "Oh, I have a ton of grading to do; I can't possibly fit in that 30-minute video today."
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I KNOW - I need to make time.  Stop it.  We've all made that excuse.  Don't pretend you haven't.

This is where my other favorite apps have come in.
Daily Workout was the most expensive app, at a whopping $3.99, that I have purchased.  But within the full workout, I get abs, arms, butt, cardio, and leg workouts that start at 5 minutes apiece (they go up to 10 minutes, and there are different levels of workout intensity), so I can space them apart but can NOT make an excuse that I can't fit the workouts in here and there.
The format is simple, so it's extremely user friendly.

This is the ab workout.
There are three intensity levels;
you can select 5-, 7.5-, or 10-minute workouts.

You can see the list of each exercise in the workout.
If you choose the 5-minute option,
you would do each of these for 30 seconds.
Once begun, the instructions are on the screen, and the audio posts which exercise comes along.  I do recommend going through the workouts before completing them to make sure that you know how to do each exercise; even though there is a video of the instructor modeling it, it's always best to make sure you're not confused.
Except I still confuse left and right, but whatever.
The minimum time requirement that I have for this during a cross training day is 20 minutes - 5 minutes each for abs, arms, butt, and legs (although I don't do them in that order; I like to change things up a bit and make that a game time decision).
The cardio is reserved for my regular "running" days, although since it's not actually running (there is running in place), I guess that this, too, counts as cross training.  Nuances.
Also at 5-, 7.5-, and 10-minute increments with different degrees of intensity, I can repeat these sessions a few times throughout the day while HRH is otherwise occupied and still attend to her 3-year-old needs.
The only one who isn't thrilled about this arrangement is Zooey, who has had to slum it with boring walks, but since she has been playing hardcore in the new kiddie pool with HRH (and drinking about a bazillion gallons of water in the process), she's been sacked out by 8:30 every night anyway, so I think she'll survive these few weeks before we can head back out for our usual 4:30 AM dates.

Mooooo-OM!  I'm trying to sleep!
I also downloaded the free version of the Daily Workouts Daily Yoga app; this is great for travel (all of these apps, in fact, are compatible with both the iPhone and iPad at the App Store - I can't speak for non-Apple-based phones).  I do prefer my yoga DVDs for a good evening relaxation workout, but when I am in need of some relaxation or gentle stretching without a great deal of time, it's perfect.
Since I decided to use my vacation time to get back in the habit of cross training, I've already seen a difference in my strength; today I had to change the water jugs out (instead of usually waiting for The Husband to do it), and I was almost surprised at how NOT heavy those 5 gallons were.
My overall objective is to start my half marathon training stronger than when I began training for my first half marathon.  Not just able to lift more weights or do more pushups, but a stronger runner.  I know that the cross training will help with both.
Plus, my butt is gonna look GREAT in jeans.

Disclosure: all opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the makers of any of the apps that I mentioned in this post.  I purchased all these apps without being instructed or requested, and I have in no way been compensated for my opinions.  However, if the makers of these apps would like to shower me with gifts, I have no issue with that.


  1. The power of having a butt that looks good in jeans is never to be underestimated.

    1. More motivating than anything else, really, although having Mrs. Obama arms is pretty strong as well.

  2. Cross-training! When I was training for my first marathon, I'd log 10 minutes of abs in the morning, right when I got out of bed. The best motivator being that I could even roll out of bed and do them on the floor next to the bed. We do what it takes.

    I cannot wait for before and after pictures of these arms!

    1. I do like being able to do these Daily Workout workouts with little or no equipment - it becomes so much more portable!