Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Times - They Are a Changin'...

...and so is this blog.
When I started this little online journal, I figured I'd focus on what my family was eating, and that was that.  But as all teachers know, constant monitoring and adjusting is The Thing to Do.
After monitoring the past few months especially, I've noticed a shift.  While I'm still posting about food - what I ate, what I made, what I bought - I am posting more and more about my other healthful practices.
Namely, running and other physical activity.
Thus, it's time to rethink The Objectives and take a good look at what results I now want this blog to net.
But don't fear - there still be lots of Food Blogging going on - stay tuned especially for next week when my favorite Partners in Crime and I have another special, fun week planned for you.
But don't be surprised if there's also a post or two on how to work those calories off in order to get back into those Favorite Jeans.
After all, it's all about balance.  And a second slice of pie.


  1. Like I told Kirsten a few weeks ago, we do not run for the first slice of pie. That is for People We Don't Know.

    Evolve away, sister. All I care about is that you keep the stories coming.

    1. Oh, and I am sure to have more stories. I am so excited for next week that it's not right.

  2. I don't care what has to be done to banish the guilt, because it really is all about that second slice of pie. Change away, just keep talking!

    1. In my mind, pie is healthy, since it has fruit. A second slice is simply More Fruit.