Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cake Week - An Anthem

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Comfortably Domestic
If you didn't know it already, it's Cake Week, hosted once again by my bloggy besties (a.k.a. sisters from other misters), Kirsten, Mads, Jeanne, Kat, and Megan.  And once again, we are having a riot, thinking that we are soooooooooooooooo funny with our tweets and emails and posts.
Somewhere in this silliness, we started reworking lyrics to favorite songs to make them more applicable to our cake theme.  This might have started when Mads tweeted this:

I catch myself daily, singing "My dog is a crazy dog" to the tune of "Our God is an Awesome God" #bizarre #sundayschoolruinedme

Anyway, we started bantering about reworked lyrics (because I totally sing that same exact song to myself about Zooey), and it all went downhill from there.

A Random Fact About Me: for the past couple of years, I have done our state testing in the town of Maricopa.  Because I didn't want to go there, I decided to make the best of it, and when other colleagues posted their "I'll be out of the office" emails, I felt compelled to shake things up.
Hence Barry Manilow died a little when my "out of office" email contained the completely reworked lyrics to "Copa Cabana."  It's something I'm kind of proud of, to tell the truth.

Anyway, back to Cake Week.  Between "Icing, Icing, Baby" and "Top It Like It's Hot" (because NO ONE can work Snoop Dogg lyrics like a bunch of white girls thinking about cake), I decided that Something Needed To Be Done.

So, without further ado, I give you... Our Cake Week Anthem (with major apologies to my 206 homie, Sir Mix-a-Lot)!

I like big cakes, and I cannot lie!
You other sisters can’t deny -
that when a cake has been all buttercream-iced
plus some sprinkles to be nice,
you chow down, wanna toss out your fork,
‘cause you know that takes lots more work.
Grabbin’ a handful and feeding -
I’m hooked and I can’t stop eating.
Oh, cupcakes, I wanna eat you all
(But I’d like my waist to stay small).
My homegirls tried to warn me
That right out the oven it might burn me!
Ooh, mini-Bundt, too -
molten lava, I’m lookin’ at you
sayin’ “Eat me, eat me,
grab some ice cream to complete me.”
We ain’t no rookies -
to hell with those cookies!
Let’s bake cake
and eat it till our bellies ache.
I’m tired of magazines
Sayin’ whoopie pie’s "the Thing" -
‘cause the Cos, Dr. Oz*
are saying it’s food of the gods.
So, ladies! (Yeah!) Ladies! (Yeah)
Wanna eat cake instead of play with the baby? (Hell yeah!)
Then bake it up! Cool it down!
Eat that tasty treat.
Yummy good cake!

**Just as a side note, I'm pretty sure that Dr. Oz does NOT say that cake is the food of the gods, but I needed something that rhymed with "the Cos."
And one final note - all of the lyrics here were made up by me this morning while I was sitting in bed drinking my coffee.  The lyrics were intended in no way to take away from the creative genius of Sir Mix-a-Lot but rather pay homage to both him and cake in a fun way.


  1. There are no words to adequately express your confectionary lyrical genius. *Dying!*

  2. "We ain’t no rookies; too hell with those cookies!
    Let’s bake cake and eat it till our bellies ache."
    Screw Dr. Oz & the colonic he rode in on. I want cake!
    Way to bring the funk, Soul Sister.
    (wow, that sounded really white)

  3. I will handle all of the rump-shaking from here on out.

    On that note, if you ever think of a particularly great out-of-office feel free to share it with the group - I throw one on every day, so variety could welcome.