Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Meal Planning (Week 4) and a Plug for Cake Week

OK, let's just get one thing straight before I set forth my plans for our dinners this week: we shall NEVER speak of bok choy in coconut milk EVER again.  It has been a very long time since I could not bring myself to choke down food.  I'm sure there is someone who loves it.  That someone is just not me.  I'm seriously getting the dry heaves just thinking about it.
Additionally, since last week was rife with late meetings for The Husband and a Girls' Night In for me, we didn't have everything that I planned, but that's OK.  I'm making up for it this week.

  • Monday - vegetarian slow cooker satay over brown rice - this way I have leftovers for lunch this week.  Please, dear gods of the slow cooker, make this turn out delicious and crave-worthy.
  • Tuesday - vegetarian bibimbap - this is the recipe I had planned for last week, but it never came to fruition. I used some of the broccoli in a smoothie the other day, but I think this will a better use for it.  Yes, I know Tuesday is Valentine's Day, but I'm not really concerned about making something "special."  Besides, what better way to tell The Husband I love him than make something that uses fresh, healthy veggies and our favorite Asian seasonings?
  • Wednesday - fennel and chickpea salad - I am thinking I might want something warm to go with this, too, but we'll see; the recipe sounds/looks pretty filling on its own.
  • Thursday - Mark Bittman's seared cauliflower with lemon/olive quinoa cakes - I almost bought some quinoa cakes at Whole Foods on Saturday, but the salmon cake looked too tasty to pass up, so I'm glad to find this recipe at a site I love anyway.
  • Friday - I have a long weekend this week, so I'm not planning anything for dinner should we be out and about.  If we are home, we'll have something simple that uses up any veggies we didn't use beforehand.  If not, well... c'est la vie.
My main hope for this week is that I don't end up throwing an entire dish out for it being unpalatable.  Seriously, I wouldn't even offer that stuff to Zooey, and she eats everything.
Oh - before I forget - it's CAKE WEEK!!!!  My girls and I are having another week of themed posts, but the most exciting part is the link party that Kirsten kicked off yesterday - you can participate in our fun by sharing with us!.  Just click here to add your favorite cake!  And make sure that you check out all the Cake Week posts from Kirsten, Jeanne, Kat, Mads, Megan, and me - I'm sure you'll be needing a slice before long.  Enjoy!


  1. List of things I need full beat-downs on: The Slow Cooker Satay and the Bibimbap. Those sound just wonderful and like things that would be welcome additions in our house :)

  2. Satay was good, but I think it needed... something. I'd saute up some tofu to throw in next time. As for the bibimbap, yeah... this has been another one of "those" weeks, so hopefully tomorrow.