Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey, Jerky!

I broke in the new dehydrator today by making Zooey some jerky.  While there are many, many... MANY dog treats that can be purchased at the pet stores (even the "natural" ones), most of them are chock-full of grains, which are none to good for my girl's gastro-intestinal system (and the welfare of those with whom she spends her time).
Thus, I made an impulse buy at the grocery store the other day - beef livers and beef hearts.  Yum.
If you are looking to make a treat for your furry baby, perhaps consider this recipe.
(disclaimer - please pardon the pictures that feature the floor - we did NOT mop this weekend)

Homemade Doggie Jerky

Take liver and hearts out of package.  Try not to vomit at texture of liver.

Chop into dog bite-size pieces.

NOTE - heart is much less gross than liver.
Place on trays; set at appropriate levels for appropriate time (per your dehydrator).

Wait patiently.  If you are the dog, wait impatiently.

Are you sure it's not ready yet?????
Four to five hours later, take freshly made jerky out of dehydrator.

Test for quality control.

I'm not sure... can I have another?

Homemade jerkies need to be refrigerated, for the most part.  This is no different, especially since I put absolutely no salt or other seasoning on it.  Now, these are treats, and while Zooey could likely sell her soul to eat the entire bag that's now sitting in the fridge in one sitting, I will be parceling these out to her for when she is especially good (at the rate she's going, they will last for at least ten years).

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