Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sadie, Sadie, Pretty Lady

My friend Christie's daughter is amazing.  Sadie was born in January 2010 and was immediately rushed to the NICU at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  Doctors told Christie and her husband that Sadie had significant brain damage due to oxygen deprivation at birth (a virus attacked her in the womb) and likely wouldn't have a measurable quality of life; thus, they made the most difficult decision a parent might ever have to make.  They decided to take her off life support.  After what I can only imagine was the worst night ever for them, Christie and Brian said their goodbyes and turned off the life support.
And Sadie started breathing on her own.
Then she was able to swallow on her own.
Then she started to suckle on her own.
And now she is over a year old, eating pretty well and smiling a great deal.  This week she got her third tooth!
Sadie's 12-month picture - don't you LOVE that smile?
Photo courtesy Beck Family Blessings
You can follow Sadie's progress at Christie's blog, Beck Family Blessings.  Make sure that you get the full story of the beginning of their journey by reading Sadie's Story.
Because of the virus, Sadie has several developmental delays, which require different kinds of therapy.
One of these therapies utilizes an iPad, which currently is being used to help increase Sadie's motor skills (like reaching) and cognitive skills.  The first time Sadie was exposed to the iPad, she really seemed to enjoy it (watch a video here).  Later on, it can also be used to help her with her speech and communication skills.  You can check out the blog Babies with iPads to see how special needs kids like Sadie can benefit from them.
An iPad, if you have been living under a rock, is pretty expensive.  It's not like everyone can just walk to the Apple store and pick one up.  And while there are grants available to families like Christie's for iPads, there isn't enough money for every child who needs one.
So, Christie is reaching out to friends and supporters for a little help.  She created a fundraising page to help Sadie get an iPad.
If Sadie's story warmed your heart and brought tears to you like it did me, please consider a small donation.  This piece of technology can do so much for her, and even $5 can help this little miracle immensely.
To donate, you can click directly on the link above.  Christie also has placed a widget on the family's blog.
Oh, and if you are on Facebook, make sure to find their page to see even more great pictures of Sadie!

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