Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Fun at Super Farm

There is really nothing like a meal made from the freshest local ingredients.  The only thing that makes such a meal better is when it's prepared by someone else.
Yesterday, a friend and I took our girls to Superstition Farm for the farm's Earth Day tour.  On top of the classroom presentation and hayride, the farm also introduced the community and xeriscape gardens that it's been working on, there were booths for area partners that we could visit, and the kids were able to plant some cotton seeds in milk jugs.  The person who has the tallest cotton plant by the end of July wins ice cream for the entire family, so I am all about this contest, even if HRH didn't want to get her hands dirty.
strawberry, butterscotch,
& pistachio milks here
Now, in addition to the milk bar (this time we tried banana, pistachio, strawberry, peaches & cream, chocolate, and butterscotch), Superstition Farms has its own food truck that makes appearances at local farmer's markets, so we were able to have lunch fresh from and at the farm.
The burger was tempting, but I opted for the fried egg "sammy," which had in addition to the egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, spinach, and a chipotle aioli.  It was served with cornbread hush puppies, also with the aioli.  Oh, my, it was delicious.  The difference in taste between store-bought eggs or cheese and these was tangible, and it was difficult not to inhale it.  I wanted to really enjoy and savor it, after all.  Thankfully, the girls were ready to go play after about two bites of their own lunches so it was take a bite, chase for a little bit, come back and take another bite, repeat.
As for the milk - I was in love with the butterscotch and peaches & cream (although HRH kind of hogged that one), but the pistachio was surprisingly excellent, too.  I had feared a fake flavoring, kind of like pistachio flavored pudding (gag!), so I was having trouble even wanting to taste this one, but really - it tasted like real pistachios.  With the milk, it was subtle and creamy; this is definitely worth a try when you are there (not like the other ones aren't - I have yet to find a flavor that is just "meh").
The Superstition Farm tour is always a great time; the family truly loves being in the dairy business but also teaching others about how we are connected in the food cycle.  Farmer Casey's passion to reduce waste is remarkable; just listen to his excitement when he talks about the amount of citrus the farm helped NOT throw into the landfill this year during his "lesson" in the classroom (a perfect discussion for Earth Day - clearly Farmer Casey and the rest of his family love Mother Earth).  If you haven't gotten out there yet, do it; it's most certainly a place to go for a fantastic family outing.

The food's so good, even the chickens wanted to get in on it!

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